Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Reading

When I first saw this Eight of Cups after shuffling and drawing it felt like the completion of what I started with at the first of week with the Fool card draw.
So with the Fool I started something, then with the 9 of cups I was pretty satisfied with myself to begin a new venture, then maybe a few doubts so I got up and defended my new point of view with the 7 of wands. In swings the King of  Pents with his critical gaze and asked me "are you sure?" I had a long look in the mirror and had a bit of argument with myself in the 5 of wands and Justice then said "everything is as it should be"  there is balance in your thoughtful decision.  So off I go.  My back pack is a bit heavier than it started with the Fool, but hey, 'I am on the move'

All in all if I went for a reading with someone, it would have  been more expensive than this new deck so, I am grateful I picked it up and and it helped clarify something in my mind.


  1. I imagine that backpack is full of insight and understanding - a good thing. :)

  2. lol! What is journey without chocolate!
    Beautiful how all your cards blend together in a story

    1. Sometimes they do just that. If you look over several days in a row you sometimes can see a theme. That 8 of cups did make me think of Fool that week started with, so I pulled them out of deck and sure enough, it was a complete reading