Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hiding under the blankets

Today's draw of Transformation, leaves me drawing a blank.  I have been thinking on it for a while now and nothing.  The author notates that the traditional card is Death and Keywords for this card are - endings and beginnings and change.  Well yeah.  Forget all the esoteric mystical platitudes; one door closing another opens, all endings are beginnings.  Lets cut to the chase, out with it already.
So I asked for better understanding and clarification on what Transformation would I be looking for or experiencing today.  I placed the card back in the deck and shuffled, shuffled, shuffled and went in looking for Transformation and the flanking cards.  This usually helps with my interpretation.

Two more Majors flanking Transformation.  Both '5' cards, which 5's usually are a bit disruptive and Major 5's are even more so.  Still not sure about all it.  Maybe I should hunker down today and shelter in place. 

The GODDESS Tarot written and illustrated by Kris Waldherr


  1. Obviously, I have those cards too. Sometimes it helps if I search he blog for that card and see how it hit me before. Get Up though. If I'm up everyone else needs to be also :)

  2. Is there a personal or family tradition that you are thinking about breaking away from?

    1. I am going to turn 60 in January I think I need something new and different to do with my days. So the answer is yes. Can you tell me how the cards speak to you of this possible break away?

    2. I was just thinking the tradition card might be the influence of friends, family or coworkers - seeing you in one way and doing the things they expect. The temptation card feels like a desire, something that you might do that is unusual for you and perhaps that surprises the people who know you. :)


    3. Thank you for that very astute insight. It really does help me see these cards in a new light