Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Mirror has two faces

I know when I have a problem or issue that sometimes I just need to take a look in the mirror and I can see where the problem started, with me, not always, but yes, it can be me that is the issue.  Or at the very least how I reacted to something.  Today if I have a issue, I need to first check in with myself. 
If I start barking at myself in the mirror, I will just watch the video below.

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey -Siolo Thompson


  1. Lol What a hilarious video. Yes when we look within we often find the cause of how we feel and this will prevent us from feeling a victim of outward circumstances

    1. That video of the dogs just makes me laugh. We used to use a straw and blow bubbles in our milk. Reminds not to take myself and life so seriously.

  2. I wonder how in the world that dog learned to do that?! He should be a swim instructor for young kids. :)