Friday, June 17, 2016


Again today I decided to stay with the suggestion of the author and do a two card drawing.  At first I thought what an odd pairing; then what a natural pairing, Light and Dark.  Then it felt like the cards were a higher octave of the Queen vs King drawing of yesterday.  I quote from Janina Renee quoting another author..."Reclaiming the natural child is a way of retrieving the "golden ball" that Robert Bly speaks about in Iron John and The Frog Prince.  (the Sun) "The golden ball reminds us of that unity of personality we had as children-a kind of radiance, or wholeness, before we split into male and female, rich and poor, bad and good.  The ball is golden, as the sun is, and round.  Like the sun it gives off a radiant energy from the inside."  In the process of growing up, you can lose that golden ball,and must seek it pursuing the things-including the activities, people, place, ideas-that truly give you joy."

Cards and Artwork - The LINESTRIDER'S JOURNEY - Siolo Thompson


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    1. Have you ever noticed that after shuffling and mixing the cards in any of the tarot decks that the Majors kind of group together in places? They like to hang out with each other is my feeling. Just wondering.

  2. And that quest is a life long journey :)