Sunday, June 26, 2016


Today's Draw of the Ten of Swords started to make my hands tremor.  I have a really negative reaction to the ten of swords, mostly based on the RWS version.  This depiction of the ten is not so harsh, yet still 10 swords let loose upon me is not a good feeling.  The companion booklet of the Goddess Tarot gives the "Keywords: understanding, endings, wisdom... Those who understand how to wield the swords will be able to transform difficulties into wisdom that heals the self and others."

That interpretation can help.  Instead of fear, angst, and worry that the swords are going to wound me and are bringers of pain.  I can view these swords with wisdom; change my mindset and see that they are not there to hurt me and hack away at me. These ten swords can point to the truth, defend, and stand guard-to protect me.
I have a bit of challenging situation I am in the midst of and this card hints at that and the my solution.  The seven backdrop swords are the sneaky-tricky ways of the two parties I am dealing with and I am the fore front sword. I just need to be assertive and courageously deal with this problem. 

The GODDESS Tarot - Kris Waldherr


  1. May you move through this situation with clarity and courage, having the confidence of truth beside you!

    1. Everything always works out; sometimes not how we planned, but we can't always have our way. I get caught up in the drama and then after a bit I have to ask myself what will this matter in 6 months or a 1 year? Hope your trip is going well and you are enjoying yourself.

  2. Maybe if you try to focus on the daybreak which is often depicted in RWS versions of the Ten of Swords you might find this card less threatening. I hope things will work out for you