Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Gals

I decided to stay with the Linestrider's Journey deck this week.  I like the feel of this mystical magical deck and its correspondences with Astrology and Numerology.   Quite a lot of readers and deck designers I notice recommend drawing two cards as does this author.  Today I drew the Page of Wands and decided to see who was traveling with Her and next card up is the Queen of Wands.

Lots of energy swirling about these two gals.  The Page seems to glance over to the Queen and the Queen looks directly out at me.  They both hold their scepters so they know who they are about, and yet they both travel with a familiar, the Page with her dragon and the Queen with her black cat.  Besides the energy swirling around them they both hint at the magical part of their lives. 
Definitely some kind of movement and mystery to look forward to this day.



  1. I like this deck al lot but I don't understand the blue color in the Page of Wands. I would suspect a more fiery (wands), or earthy (pages) color

  2. Interesting that the Page has the dragon and the Queen has a domesticated cat. I wonder if that has to do with learning to temper one's temperament as one gets older. :)