Tuesday, June 21, 2016


How appropriate that I drew a card on or about Fairies.  Yesterday evening I had a meeting at the local library. It was a get together of the tutors for the Adult Literacy Program.  To open the meetup and to get to know each other better the director had us each write three things about ourselves that others may not know.  One of my three is that I talk and see fairies.  Everyone had a question about that.

When did most of us forget about the everyday magic in Life?  I have walked a bit of a different path, most don't know because I can blend in so seamlessly.  Sure I can be a bit brassy, but that is just for show.   I love fairies.  Have seen them here and there throughout the years and other bits of Earth Magics.  Mostly I kept it all to myself.  Not anymore.  Quite a lot of the times I ignored that which was a part of me and what you don't use you lose.  I have opened that part of me back up and there is no going back.  As Bilbo Baggins said in a HOBBITS TALE, "I am quite ready for another adventure."

EARTH MAGIC Oracle Cards - Steven D Farmer


  1. I do envy you a little bit. I don't see or hear a thing but my own inner chatterbox.

  2. Ahh, there is part of the dilemma. Sometimes I hear the inner chatter of others and that is a problem.