Thursday, June 23, 2016

My ruby slippers please

Yesterday I drew the 'Ancestors' card and posed the question to myself, do I really need to know where I came from to figure out why I am here?  Again, I was never one that wondered about my parents, parents, parents, parents.  The only thing that really mattered is what they passed down to their kids, who passed it down to their kids, who passed it down to my parents, and then on to me and my sibs.

I think we all choose our parents and have agreements in place with them and the siblings prior to reincarnating.  We have lessons to learn and situations and prior arrangements with each other to help our Spirit on the journey.  So maybe all I need to do is go back to my Childhood and work on me from there.
Other than that maybe just back to own backyard and play more.
Right now I am too tired to worry about it. I just want to go back to bed and get some of the sleep that eluded me last night.

EARTH MAGIC Oracle Cards -Steven D. Farmer


  1. Sleep has been an issue for me too. it is hot and humid here. I did manage to play a bit with my watercolors however. :)

  2. Sometimes I think focusing too hard on one's ancestors can be a way to blame present conditions on the past (for example, saying alcoholism was "passed down"); it seems much more beneficial to focus on the present!