Friday, February 24, 2017

Wider perspective

Not your traditional garden of good fortune.

These nine pentacles reminds me of the at least nine people demanding my attention.  Everybody in this last day or so is clamoring for attention.  Me, me, me..pick me next.  Line 'em up and then work on each one at a time.  If I try to work on all issues at once something is going to get lost or mixed up.  Best start with one at the top, so the whole bunch doesn't collapse on top of me.  
Makes me wonder what shifts in our energy fields that in short notice everybody(subjective) has to be fixed.  An all or nothing occurrence, that regularly happens.

Better get to it; there are storm clouds on the horizon.

The Sacred Circle Tarot - Anna Franklin & Paul Mason


  1. The Fixer approacheth. Stand back, be amazed.

  2. Working for top to bottom seems a good approach to me.
    However I do prefer the lady in the garden for a Nine of Pentacles card

  3. A funny nine of discs/pentacles. Reminds me of those shield defences used in medieval warfare. I'm not surprised you connected it with an onslaught of demands...

  4. The self-sufficiency of the traditional meaning of this card seems to point to you having what it takes to get it done and dusted. :)