Thursday, February 23, 2017

Starting point

Well damn.

My two day Chariot ride brought me right back where I started.  A field of disillusion and discomfort.  The imagery of this Ten of Swords is much easier to deal with than the RWS ten of swords. This one helps me see mind over matter.  The owl and that one dominant sword, the sword of reason, truth, and action that we see in the Ace and the Queen of Swords will help me sort through and deal with all those rising thoughts and fears, that evidently I was trying to run away from in my Chariot rides. 
Wherever you go - there you are.

The Sacred Circle Tarot -  Anna Franklin & Paul Mason


  1. We never can outrun life. Sometimes the only thing we can do is to sit with what is and wait for it to pass

  2. Or perhaps the Chariot ride was to allow you to view a wider perspective?