Sunday, February 5, 2017


 What was I doing and where was I going?

The accompanying book describes this as a card that often foretells the arrival of a message or messenger.   I wonder what message?  It looks like something got lost on the way.  It happens all the time when having a conversation with someone; you stop and wonder "where did that come from?" when something odd pops up in the middle of the chat.
It also makes me think of dream time.  Last night was one of those nights that the weirdest bits of dreams and bits of this and that played out on the subconscious chalk board.  I often wonder if it is when the subconscious decides to sort through all the hodge podge information and file it away. Bits of memories, commercials, movies and tv shows, sign posts, conversations that have no useful purpose for the conscious mind and so it is lumped together for a file dump.  All those pieces of memories floating around and then stored away.  Chaos. 

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey Tarot - Siolo Thompson


  1. Strange what the magpie mind collects...

  2. the joke is she is looking for the the hereafter. As in "what am I here after?"

  3. I thought for a moment this was the Fool with a bird instead of a dog. If forgot that the Pages are seen by some as messengers. Funny that I often call a mailed package a "bird on the wing."

    1. I have never heard a mailed package referred as a bird on the wing.