Sunday, February 26, 2017


Direct connectivity to Earth.

I recently read a article on Earthing.  Walking barefoot and connecting with the Earth, which purportedly will ground us and makes us healthier.   On the health front we hear more and more about the free radicals floating around in our bodies.  These free radicals are molecules or atoms that have a missing electron.  Of course if you are missing something you go looking for it and finding a electron on another atom, snatch it and then the chain reaction of dis-ease sets up.  Earthing can help solve the dis-ease; we can pick up all the electrons we need from Earth's electromatic field if we just connect.
It seems this King is relaying that message.  True or not, I do feel better being outside.  Bare feet therapy might be just what is called for. 

"Have you seen Carolyn?"
 "I think she was outside walking bare foot across the hillside..."

The Sacred Circle Tarot - Anna Franklin & Paul Mason


  1. Walking outdoors (though not barefoot) definitely helps me stay centered and sane! Hope you enjoy your outing. :)

    1. Pretty chilly out there today. I need to remember on some warmer days to sit outside and take my shoes of and plant them on the ground.

    2. I will come a walking barefoot on the lawn. It is a great feeling. Remind each other :)

  2. I'll walk with you as far as you need to go, but I NEVER go barefoot. Rooted in staying with and aunt two weeks every summer. Worlds worst housekeeper..