Wednesday, February 22, 2017


And the Chariot rides again!

Well my chariot ride is not over it seems.  Something about those clean horses.  Today they speak to me of balance.  I see the dark and light and the light and dark star on the forehead of each.  Calls to mind the yin/yang symbol.  Here the horses are dark and light in their arrangement and the traditional Chinese symbolism is white and dark.  That could be a whole different post on the symbolism and how it is arranged, not today. 

Proceed with measured balance.

The Sacred Circle Tarot - Anna Franklin & Paul Mason


  1. I keep wanting to ask that chariot driver, "Is that whip actually helping?"

  2. clean film vernacular that means the horses have been fed at a time of the day that pretty much insures they will not clutter up the streets with horse apples. :)

  3. I love how each time a different aspect of this card draws your attention

  4. Lightness of spring replacing the darkness of winter. Time to follow your own star and go off gallivanting?