Saturday, February 11, 2017

Crazy Eights

Spurred into action.

This is the third eight card I have drawn this week   Curious that this card's action is opposite of the Eight of Cups yesterday.  With this eight something has spurred me into action.  Actually the same thing that had me walking away yesterday...that same pivotal point.  Like the lemniscate, looping back and forth from the same point of origin.  If I look back a few more days, when I drew the Eight of Pentacles, maybe that is where the causality loop began.  Work. 
Something for me to really think about today.  If I get stuck, I can call on Strength, another Eight to courageously confront my dilemma.

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson


  1. I like how you pull the various draws together. At one point I thought I'd take the seven cards together for a combined reading. Umm. Lazy bum here.

  2. A agree with Sharyn. Together these eights do make a lot of sense and I love how you've thrown the Strength card in to the mix. If your not a "lazy bum"you might consider some journaling about these cards??

    1. I thought blogging was journaling? What is the difference and what did you have in mind? Inquiring minds want to know.

    2. Blogging is indeed a kind of journaling but since others are reading what we write, we always filter your content. In a journal everything goes...

  3. You have a great memory to remember your draws during the week! (And that is quite a lot of eights.)