Thursday, February 9, 2017


The keywords the author uses for the Page of Pentacles are new beginnings, prosperity, good luck...

Those may be all good descriptions or indicators of the Page of Pentacles, yet the author/artist gives us this depiction of the page.  From my viewpoint they don't match.  I mean I don't get it.
Yesterday I spoke of a difference in opinion between me and another and here I have a different take on this page than the author.  I don't see the correlation between depiction and description?

There are times that someone comes up with something so off the wall that it leaves me dumbstruck, this is one of those moments.  I am just going to leave it be and if something equally peculiar happens today I am going to do the same thing, leave it be.

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson


  1. My first thought when I saw this card was, "Well at least her neck and legs are warm..." :D

  2. Blue stockings and a monkey? Odd! Keep going it is a reasonable deck...

    1. I bought this deck last year and have had it out several times. I like the uniqueness of most images, still some have me scratching my head.