Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don't group us together

Blah. I find myself in the doldrums.

Yesterday evening I was having a phone conversation with someone I work with.  His Mother passed and left the planet six weeks ago.  He went and saw a friend earlier in the week who basically told him he is depressed.  Go figure..that was easy to come up with.  Not clinically, still enough issues for concern.  I too have slipped into that murky place in the last week.  I am sleeping way too much, experiencing episodes of anxiety (not new to me in the last 5years), sluggish...blah.
The cold weather and shorten days of sun light add to my dilemma.  I am coming up on the anniversary of my trauma event which has triggered these episodes before.  I have struggled through and now wonder if talking to a therapist might help to work through some of my issues.  Maybe join a group others with PSTD and then maybe not.


  1. I would strongly advice you to see a therapist. It has helped me tremendously.
    I am sorry to hear about your colleague. Depressed.. ? I think he is grieving, which is totally normal. These things take often more time than societey is willing to give us.
    I hope the sun will come out again soon for you

  2. I would encourage you to find someone to talk to; it can make a world of difference to have outside support. Sometimes my mind can convince me of things that aren't real, and I often need an outside person to show me the lack of evidence.

  3. sending you a gentle hug, and my mini emperor says it doesn't cost anything to find out if there are any support groups. might give a try, perhaps this year the gathering info will help and next year you can get a quicker start. any action is a concrete form of acknowledgement

  4. If you do go for therapy remember you don't have to stick with the first therapist you see. My friend told me this and I ignored the advice and wasted a bit of time and money. Over a year since my Dad's passing I have finally found a good therapist who is helping (my third one).