Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ride the Wave

We do what we are,or is it, We are what we do? Self Perception.   Do I behave in a certain way because it is expected or because it is a true reflection of the inner me? I pondered this same question last week when I drew the Princess of Pentacles, wondering if we were allowed to become the true expression of our self, the one that we were born to be, who would I be today?  Shaped by our parents expectations who were shaped by their parents expectations, a limited education system, and mainstream ideology, is it any wonder that most of all us exhibit bipolar tendencies?

I was recently reading an article on the Quantum Field.  I don't understand Physics, never really made much sense to me.  In fact in High School my favorite subject was Science until I hit the wall of Physics.  If I tossed a pebble in the lake I could watch the ripple of the wave spread across the pond. But, if others tossed their pebbles in the pond at the same time and all those ripples went out then we have a lake of choppy water.  I kind of paraphrased the article, but what we have is a lake of turbulent water.  Would I even know what my wave looked like with all the interference of other waves.
Today maybe forget the water and just find a quiet bench in the corner and read.

Rider Waite Smith Tarot


  1. Or take a ride, find a pond not over run by tourists, and toss a boulder in.

    1. Some of my black moods can be as big as a boulder, and if tossed in the lake might make the water boil.

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