Sunday, February 21, 2016

Done that, Did that.

After achieving a certain amount of success, are we ever really happy?  Satisfaction of a job well done doesn't last, before we have to accept the next challenge, move on to bigger achievements and glory, or at the very least keep defending our top of the hill.  When is enough enough.  This King had his kingdom but felt like he need more and ordered to his countrymen into the Crusades, which ended up being a disaster. 

I no  longer want to be Queen/King of the Hill.  Never made it after trying all these years anyway.  Now I would like to settle in and enjoy my days.  Do my work whatever I feel like doing for the day and not keep thinking I have to work harder, smarter, and be more successful.  At the end of some days I feel like I have been in the battlefield all day, and I just don't get the 'charge' of adrenaline and satisfaction of it.  Beating others over the head with the wand of yesterday doesn't really give me any satisfaction anyway.  I feel like the page in the backdrop with his head turned away and thinking 'this ain't for me anymore.'



  1. A friend once told me she felt she 'needed to earn her breath'. That really hit a chord with me, we really don't have to swim upstream every minute of the day. Sometimes it is very good to just float. we earned our breath when we were born.

    1. That is a great way to look at things. This is one of those decks. Gives a chance to look at things wit a different perspective

  2. I've been trying lately to be competitive with only myself. Then I don't have to use a yardstick to measure myself against other people, seeing if I am better than or less than someone else.