Monday, February 29, 2016

one, two, three

Spring is around the corner, just three weeks away.  Besides the time honored 'Spring Cleaning' projects, it is always a good time to start something new.  A garden, a self improvement program, or maybe a new community project.  As with anything new, it has to be tended, nurtured, and then eventually harvested or completed; and what we harvest depends on the all the foregoing things.  These gals took the time to plant, tend, and harvest their herbs.

I always like to start a new program in the Spring.  So many people make 'New Years' resolutions which for the most part do not last.  Spring is a much better time to start a new project with warmer days, lengthening daylight, and Spring just feels better than the deep dark days of Winter.  So what new project interests me?  I always have a list of things I would like to do or work on; deciding is the challenge.  Maybe I will put 3 choices on a slips of paper, toss them in a basket, pick one, and get started.
eenie meenie miney moe



  1. I'm with you - I'd much rather start a new project in spring than begin in winter! :)

  2. We've decided to do flowers this year instead of veggies. Pick and enjoy rather than pick and hurry up and eat there are MORE coming...

    1. I used to love gardening, not so much any more. Those screws holding my neck together make that beloved past time too difficult. Now it's just planting pots of flowers.