Thursday, February 18, 2016


I have dreamed of this place, stone circles, dark brooding mountains, misty fields.  The shadow land, the place between dreams and wakening.  We all travel there at night into the space where dreams may come.  Some bizarre and unfathomable, some fun and secretive, and some of them predictive.
Most I forget when I awake, but some stay and shape my day.  I had one this morning and I have had the same before so it is one that I must pay attention to.

This card has a overwhelming presence of purple, violet, and lavender. The colors of higher consciousness, is what most describe it, even the white swan is cast in lavender tones.  The air even shimmers with it.  Ahh to walk in this moonlight place, where dreams are made.  Avalon calls.

THE SACRED CIRCLE Tarot - Anna Franklin  Paul Mason


  1. The air shimmers with it. wonderful wordsmithing~

  2. Love that color association with the High Priestess. :)