Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two sides of the Coin

With the Lemniscate present in this card I thought immediately of it being a 'higher' octave of the Two of Pentacles I drew yesterday.  My parting thought of the card yesterday is that there are two main drivers in Life - Love and Fear,  and here they are.  With her tail tucked between her legs this poor lion has been beaten down.  I have never seen a lion with its tail tucked between its legs, not on any PBS special or any of the Leo's walking around, well maybe in  a zoo.  Fear kind of does that to us, beats us down into submission and only with the power of Love can we recover. 

The Love has to come from ourselves and I think sometimes that is what Life is about, just accepting ourselves for who we are.  With all of my flaws, weaknesses, fears, and insecurities, this is who I am and that is okay.  I came into the world all shiny and new and then Life happens.  Now is the time for me shake off all that worry and see the power of my 'Lioness' self.

"What is nessary for a person to change, is a person to change their awareness of themselves."  -A Maslow

Rider Waite Smith

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