Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Some of my best memories of vacations are in Florida. Down at the beach and looking out over the water you see it, a dorsal fin, and then more and their they are, dolphins. To witness them moving through the waves on their way to who knows where is a gift.  I lift my arms and I am filled with the magic of the moment and the movement of these brothers and sisters of the sea.  To be one with Nature I think, is the answer.

'Water and breath are essential for life.  Dolphin creates a rhythm of energy and time for communication between Dreamtime and Earth's children by swimming between sea and sky.  Breathe to bring healing to body and spirit.  Use sound to bring in creativity.  Together, they can be used for your greatest power.' - SPIRIT ANIMALS Oracle Deck -Sue Lion

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  1. I've never seen a whale or dolphin. I hope we can learn their language in my lifetime.