Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Not sure what to think

This card of Temperance does not make sense to me.  To many incongruities.  The Goddess Temperance stands before those two women and they are not in awe or humbled by her presence?  I guess even the higher powers have to have water to survive.  And then when the two women do get to the waters edge how are they supposed to get their water?  That's a pretty steep drop off; they are going to get their dresses in a mess laying down to scoop up the water.  And what about that waterfall in the background, wouldn't that make the water much more turbulent?

Maybe today I will pay closer attention to the details of everything going on, all may not be what it seems. 



  1. Early on I didn't care for Lo Scarabeo decks because they veered from the norm. Later I liked Lo Scarabeo decks best because they veered from the norm.

  2. This veers some from the norm. I looked at it again and still nothing. Its raining cats and dogs here maybe that's why I am focused on the water. Maybe something later when I look at it again on my counter top?