Monday, February 8, 2016

Pesky little things

Sue Lion the creator of this card gives us a look at the mole in a beneficial light.  I think not.  Moles are pesky little things.  Digging tunnels in the yard, which can destroy plants and the grass above and makes it difficult to walk across the little mole hills.  Makes me think of the old adage...'Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.'  I will be on guard today and not let the little things get to me. 

'Mole protects growing crops by hunting harmful creatures and burrows holes to aerate the soil, which brings in knowledge.  It senses vibrations in the earth.  Mole passes messages from mankind to the spirit world using meditation from the nadir.'
SPIRIT ANIMALS Oracle Deck -Sue Lion


  1. I love her art. I don't have this deck, I've found I don't draw much from animal cards. Here is a funny though. My very first tarot deck was the Druid Animal Oracle :) Didn't know the difference, ordered it off Ebay for 5 bucks. Was about 2 months before I copped to the difference between 78 card tarot decks and oracles. It was a lovely 'study on the summertime deck'. I'll never let that one go.

  2. Moles aren't a problem unless you have a lawn. :D My mom's yard looked like some sort of zentangle design with all the burrows they created in hers. She finally figured out she had mole crickets. Once she got rid of them, she no longer had the mole problem.