Saturday, February 13, 2016


I saw my first Heron the first time I was in Florida, some thirty years ago. Beautiful and solitary.  It wades along the water edges fishing.  This bird though came up to visitors knowing it would get tidbits, rewarded with an easy meal. I usually work solitary at my career but occasionally get leads from another agent, usually just castoffs and occasionally a decent lead but mostly just crap. It has been bugging me lately and I guess it is time to do my own fishing and forget the easy meal.

Heron - self-reliance
With unique objectiveness, Heron examines what and how to improve.  It teaches how to use its legs to stay balanced on its own.  It uses courage to balance every truth.  Heron challenges your weaknesses and asks you to use your innate wisdom to stay on your own path, even when it's different than others.

SPIRIT ANIMALS Oracle Deck  - Sue Lion

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