Friday, January 29, 2016

Stop Look Listen

This King is not at Court.  He is out previewing his lands and peoples. Seems to be, he might be out at one of the local villages listening and arbitrating a problem.  Maybe attending a marriage or jousting event.  Whatever it is he is not totally interested in what it is, his gaze to the left says to me 'how much longer must I be in attendance'?  Whether he is at Court or not, he still dresses in his Kingly garb, one of his finest white robes, cloak of power, crown, and his staff.

First impressions.  Part of his power is they way he presents himself.  If he looks like a King he must be a King.  Are we all not judged a bit on the way we dress; how we present ourselves to others?  Mostly yes I say, but I also notice with so much technology these days, most people hardly give another a 'once over.'  Too busy with their phones and ipads.  Too much of rush getting somewhere.
Today while out and about, I will slow myself down and take time to listen and really look at those around me.  Enjoy the moments and the day and not rush back to my castle.

The GODDESS Tarot -Kris Waldherr


  1. Good plan for today, I'll join you. I haven't been able to see mother for 6 weeks, the memory care home has been in lock down due to the Norovirus. It is a good facility but there is always the worry that care will slip because no one is looking...

    1. I hope you get to visit your Mother soon. Don't know what your weather is like to day but here it is sunny and chilly a perfect day to to be out in the villages.

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