Saturday, January 30, 2016

Carnations Please

I recently read something in one of Deepka Chopra's books and I am going to paraphrase what I remember of that passage. 'Imagine ourselves as a flower, the inner bud is our highest self, our Soul and all the petals are our many Lifes all occurring at the same time.'  Pretty deep stuff getting into the Space Time Continuum with Space being fluid and all possibilities all happening at the same time...WHAT?
When I read it I thought of more like maybe Mother Earth as the inner bud and each of us are the petals on the flower of the Earth.

Sarasvati appears to be setting on a lotus flower and lotus flowers are typically thought of as a flower notating wisdom. So here we find the internal workings of the bud of the Flower - Earth.  There is lots of Light, Music, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Comfort.  Are not all those things within us if we could remember how to access those parts of ourselves, our inner 'bud'?
I think today I will go buy me a big flower bouquet and appreciate the simple beauty of each of the flowers.


The GODDESS Tarot -Kris Waldherr


  1. and somethings are never to be known :) I had piano lessons for 2 years in my youth, and took another year as an adult. Can't play a note. It just isn't in me to know how to play

    1. My Mother played piano. We had a old one in the house. She tried to teach some of us a few notes. I tried several times and just couldn't get the hang of it. We found out years later I am deaf in one ear and I just couldn't perceive the variances. Mother told me that my short stubby fingers were the issue, couldn't make the keyboard stretch.