Monday, April 2, 2018

Tick Tock

The Gift of Time

These hands looks like they are offering time and there are extra hours floating around the pocket watch.  It also makes me think of the song "Too Much Time On Our Hands" which makes me think that with all the technology taking on lots of our use to be daily tasks, is why there is so much more bs seemingly going on in the world.  We freed up our time just so we could waste it frivolously. Wasting the extra time we thought we needed.
Oh well, all I can really concern myself is how I use my daily allotment.

Wisdom of the Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid


  1. Yes, the same tech that is freeing us is also tempting us to waste the precious time we have. I am writing this comment during the commercial break of a Catfish (tv series) Marathon on tv.... I should turn it off

    1. One day a while back I started watching Downtown Abbey and I lost the whole day. Oh well, it most likely was exactly the best way to spend my time that day. And your viewing Marathon was probably the same for you.

  2. computers were touted to give us a paperless society.
    relieve us of much that is mundane.
    Provide more jobs rather than put businesses out of business.
    How has that panned out?
    Good morning~

    1. I wonder where it will all end up at. Computers and now Robots are the next evolution stage of freeing up our time. While I am still helping a few people buy homes, more and more are wanting out and away from the fray, using their extra time to drive to and from so they can get away from it all.