Thursday, April 12, 2018

Carolyn has left the buidling

"...back to the place I was before" Hotel California

Another card of movement, yesterday's knight, today the Eight of Cups.  Maybe I got tired of the dog and pony show and took off on my own.   I am off for a few days of R&R so this card is appropriate for me as well as yesterday's knight.  With the lingering winter and my also lingering discontent with my career, time to take a break.  We all need to do that from time to time.  Mostly I escape into a good book; let the storyteller take me to another time and place and just so happens there is a book in my backpack. 


  1. I hope your R&R will give you some peace of mind. I Love that about reading as well. Currently I am enjoying the trilogy "Blackthorn and Grimm" by Juliet Marrilier. I've just started with the second book: A Tower of Thorns

  2. I hope your time out brings you in contact with your mermaids~

  3. Hope you spend time doing whatever brings you joy and peace!