Friday, April 6, 2018


Imagination or Illusion?

What a perplexing image.  The card's banner gives the title of Imagine, and yet we have a gal with her heart tethered to the Moon, a place of Illusions.
Imagination is the image making power of the mind and the ability to create those thoughts.
Illusion is something that seems to be something that is not.
The one thing I think both have is MAGIC.  The power of my imagination can bring me wonderful and some not so wonderful things - magic.  Illusions can be  my misdirected focus that can seem magical at times - magic.
Magic almost appears in the word imagine, just need to add the C from Carolyn and - magic. I make the 'magic' real or perceived, which really is the same thing.
Just Imagine!


  1. when quilters buy fabric (I stopped in 2001) what we are buying is the illusion of the finished quilt with that fabric in it. What we get home with is a bag with some cotton in it. That is why I know quilters who have rented storage spaces to hold their cotton...Ooo those whispy illusions!

    1. I am amazed by those that rent storage building to hold extra stuff. I wonder why? If you can't enjoy it in your home from day to day, its time to sell, toss, or donate it.

  2. Is that a figure holding a fishing pole in the middle of the shell?