Saturday, April 14, 2018

Plant an olive tree

Another day in paradise.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a few friends and they mentioned again how lucky I was to still be alive and getting through everything.  Six years later and I can still be the hot topic.  Like the gal in the Nine of Pentacles I found myself quietly alone in my garden of paradise more and more often.  Sometimes it is to shut out the noise, and not the stuff in my head.  Sharyn my friend, you caution on depression and rightly so.  I am working on it.  Some recent medications for my nerve damage didn't help at all on my outlook prospective.  Quiet time in the garden is just what I may need. 


  1. Ah. I might have just the thing for that.

  2. We've got several olive trees in the neighborhood (several from people who were born in Greece). Hope you find a balm for your spirit.