Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Change in the Wind

I'll Wind Blow Away

"It's a ill wind that blows nobody any good."

 Colette Baron-Reid suggests that this card heralds a forthcoming change that is or may not be such a good thing. Awh Hogwash or in this case...zebra wash.  If I expect a lousy day, than a lousy day it will be.  That gal sitting in in the steeple top is letting her wishes drift on the wind and going wherever the zebra wants to take her.  So too me if I just drift along.  Meaningful change begins with oneself.
So I am going to hop off and have a good day.
I will have a drift another day.

Wisdom of the Oracle


  1. I would have gotten absolutely nothing from this card today :)

    1. If it was another couple of weeks I would have thought it meant take day off and go across the river to Churchill Downs and watch the horses race. Shucks.

  2. Change is always happening; I think our attitude about it will determine how we label it. (And good on you for choosing to be optimistic about it!)