Sunday, April 8, 2018

Away with you

The end of one thing a beginning of another.

This open skull on Death harkens to letting things go.  Things that don't much matter. Stuff. Debris. Junk. Old mental files.  I liken my mind some days as a old library card catalog system.  Mentally I file things away and then I just have to flip through the card files to bring to mind that which I went on a seek and find for. Time to filter through this and that and get rid of that or this which no longer is useful.   In a few days i am taking a gett-a-way so I can do some clutter clearing in the old noggin, and Death just reminds me that everyone and everything has an ending which  can lead to a new beginning.

The Linestrider's Tarot - Siolo Thompson


  1. When we understand unclench our fist (let go) we have an open palm to receive what is new.