Friday, April 27, 2018

Observation point

Go on with yourself.

No dilly-dallying around with this Queen; you cannot play mind games with her, she will beat you every time. If you say you are going do something, do it, otherwise keep your mouth shut.
Sometimes the really quite people intrigue me.  I wonder what is going on behind those eyes with a silent stare.  Not a blank look, or the old deer in the head-lights stare.  That gal over there...see her, watching intently.  Is she assessing the situation, gathering intel, or maybe just doesn't really care, but she won't let on. 
I am going to portray this queen today, that is the message I got.  Because if there is a queen in the room, it is me.  So I will be the silent observer and see what I see.

The Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. She's the best BS detector of the court cards. I like your point that she is an observer of behavior; she doesn't bother to waste words that won't be heard.

  2. I'm an observer too, life long. Perhaps the post shyness impaled me upon. But I never cease to learn from those observations. We are the most interesting show on the planet.

    1. One of my favorite past-times, watching others.