Sunday, February 25, 2018


The Gift of Foresight

I wonder sometimes if we knew the end result of a choice if we would make the choice at all.  Do this or that? then look in a crystal ball and see what becomes of us upon arrival at our destination. Go here, go there, or then don't go at all?  Every time I start something new there is anticipation and apprehension.  Will it be all that I hoped for or worse yet will I give up before I even make it to there?

"Following the light of the Sun, we left the Old World."
   - Christopher Columbus

Rider Waite-Smith


  1. just as well I don't have a crystal ball. Instead of making decisions I'd wear out my life looking at all the options and ramifications

  2. I agree with Sharyn. I don't believe foresight would make my life easier and happier.

  3. I'd worry myself silly. One day at a time, and often, one moment at a time is all I can handle.