Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Extended Stay

She had more to say

Just now the above sentence popped in my head, something from yesterday's appointment.  The Empress has decided to extend her stay with me. Yesterday I had a late afternoon appointment with a woman who had saved my information for 8 years. She had so much too say and so little time to say it. Much of our conversation was about how wonderful she was. Still vibrant into her seventies she, I believe she has worn out her welcome with any friends. In my many years in sales I have never run across someone with such dressed up insecurities. I have met many who are lonely that needed someone to talk to you, she needed someone to talk at.
Does this Empress spend so much time out in nature to heal herself or isolate herself from such assaults?

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. "Dressed up insecurities" - now there's a phrase that could fuel a month's worth of blog posts. It's a shame that we don't teach children that self-worth and acceptance must be found within.

  2. I am with you on that. Just a little time and they could send all the children out with more self assurance and lots less doubts. Oh what a wonderful world it could be.