Sunday, February 11, 2018

Go Figure

Tsunami - I am nuts

After shuffling and then drawing this card my thought 'oh crap.'  Tsunami - A wake up call, just what I need.  Then I saw an almost reversal of the spelling that results in 'I am nuts.'  Well heck I could have told you that.  Aren't we all just a little bit nutty?  I laughed thinking about that as the other day I had to have my laptop worked on and the tech said "no you are not crazy, as part of the discussion about what was not working with my loaded programs.  I turned to him and told him I was most certainly a bit crazy as I am 61 and entering my allowable eccentric years, but I was not 'nuts'.  Is there a difference? Maybe maybe not.  Maybe there will be a tsunami moment today and hopefully it is just a small wave action.

EARTH MAGIC Oracle Cards - Steven D Farmer


  1. Replies
    1. Let's go surfing. If there is wave action might as well jump in and enjoy.

  2. When I went to my doctor several years ago, I told him I didn't have hot flashes, I had hot tsunamis. You are so good with the word twists!

    1. I love looking at words and see what is hidden within. Amazing sometimes. How about this one 'therapist - the rapist' no word twisting there.