Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kindred Spirit

Communion - come together

Communion and communicate share the same root word - com: come together. 
I was thinking of one of the clients I am working with, a younger gal about 25 and a first-time home buyer.  She mentioned the other day that she doesn't watch much tv and never watches the news. It reminded me of when I was about the same age and those much older worried about the daily events that were portrayed on the evening news, and I remembered that I never watched the news at that age and did just fine. The world goes on much the same now as then.  I think I will try to find more of what goes on around the world in communion with eagles and such.  There is so much more to do then sit and look at that idiot box. 
Just heard some Canadian Geese honking as they went by.  Now that is welcomed news, Spring must be getting closer.

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