Sunday, May 21, 2017


The beginning of distrust.

Again I looked at several interpretations.  Most tarot enthusiasts look at most of the Court Cards as 'people' cards, especially in spreads.  Several authors notate this page in a stance of wariness or caution.  Looking back over her/his shoulder - sword at the ready.

I noticed that the Page as well as The Hermit from yesterday's draw are both looking back, why.  Reminiscing  over days gone by? Musing some hurt or wrongful action?  Longing for yesteryear?  I asked this Page and returned her to the deck and reshuffled and went looking for her and the card just before her - the Page of Cups.  Maybe then the backward glance is for my youth or more playful days?  Anyway, I never have figured out those ten swirling birds- maybe those are the days before being a teenager, as pages are sometimes referred to as young adults..  Also I noticed that there are trees in the background of each of RWS Court Sword Cards.  I finally found that they are supposedly Cypress Trees, so I went looking for the esoteric meaning of Cypress trees; long growing trees planted as a mourning tribute at graves.

RWS - Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. His attention seems to be as sharp as the sword.

  2. birds = imagination. Looks to me like he is about to invent baseball. One more reason to drink up all the beer