Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Flip Side

Rest and Repose

Another card of four drawn today.  Yesterday's get out of the house to today's stay in and rest.  Withdrawal can lead to healing.   In Janina Renee's book TAROT - Your Everyday Guide, poses that I reflect on the timeline of the cards and the healing may be a response to the Three of Swords, as in RWS image. 
Could this be repressive situation that the two figures in the Four of Wands ran away from?  Or am I to reflect on the the intolerable situation that I ran away from? 
The only thing I am really seeing in the comparison of the two cards is lots of yellow.  So I am going to wear something yellow today.
That's all I got.

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. When I see the Four of Swords, I think of it as giving the mind a rest instead of trying to figure out a solution or answer.

    1. Ah what a lovely thought, giving the mind a rest. I am getting a little better at it.

  2. the deck you are using was the first to show figures and actions, prior to that they were basically pip cards, showing 8 coins, 6 swords etc. When Waite designed his deck for a Golden Dawn project, he put a lot of thought into the colors. They all mean something, helping to work out the deep symbology of the card. The Thoth was printed several decades later but was also created for that same exercise.
    I get impatient with many artists of today who create their decks with no symbology at all, it is just ooo I'm going to put four swords in this painting and think they've said it all...
    and they've said nothing except to show their shallow understanding of the cards.

    1. I met someone years ago who said he had to study with a tarot master for five years and that in the RWS depictions, everything had a meaning. The person that introduced me to the cards said forget the books and go with intuition. And you are right a lot of decks are shallow imitations.