Saturday, May 6, 2017

Come to the Edge

This far and no farther.

I can't decide if this is about the limitations that are put on us or the limitation that we put on ourselves.  Or maybe our personal sacred space we establish for our self.  I guess a limitation is a limitation regardless of how it was established.  Something to think on.
The booklet gives us: Courage, taking a leap of faith, overcoming fear,  and accepting risk. 
Today if I find myself holding back or reigning in I will follow that limitation and see if I can find its origin.

WISDOM of the ORACLE - Collette Baron-Reid


  1. funny we know when we are limiting ourselves and don't realize it when we step past them. We do it every day...Why not?

    1. It also reminded me of your post a couple of weeks ago of some people still believe the world is flat. Oh My.

  2. Maybe its about stepping out of our comfort zone, not too far, but enough to see beyond the boundary.