Friday, May 12, 2017

Got nothing

I have not been relating very well to the cards this week or maybe it is the Gaian Tarot deck.  Usually I enjoy working with this deck, not so much this week.  I drew a repeat card and it does not inspire or connect with me on any level.  I will see how the day unfolds and if it matches the theme or essence of the card.   So I grabbed a postcard off my desk.  It does match up with the squabbling eagles of yesterday, so that is something.


  1. you've seen me with got nothing days...I trimmed it and turned it into an oracle and still got nothing with the deck.

    1. You have mentioned that the Gaian Tarot didn't work for you. It isn't for me. Maybe time to buy a couple of new decks. Going to check some out and see what I can see.

  2. They do have HUGE nests. Not very comfy looking, but serviceable. :)

  3. New deck hunting sounds exciting. Circling over the many options like an 🦅 eagle and when you see the one you want swoop :)