Saturday, May 13, 2017


There is so much beauty and honesty to this face.  The eyes really can be the window to the Soul.  This Shaman needs no words to communicate, they are there written on his face.

I have been listing to the Hay House World Summit; an annual event that hosts prerecorded one hour interviews with most of the authors of Hay House.  I was listening to a interview with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D on Anthropology and his topic which probably mirrors his book - 'Growing a New Body Using Ancient Healing Secrets.  He describes himself as a shaman.  He became very ill almost to point of death and changed his diet and mindset and healed his body.  A lot of the same stuff many are writing about in the Holistic-New Age-Metaphysical field.  Given all that he had some interesting takes on a few things and I think I will listen to his interview again before Hay House closes the Summit up. 

EARTH MAGIC Oracle Cards - Steven D Farmer


  1. thanks for the heads up. Sometimes we say "if I only knew then" or "I'd like to start fresh", but that wouldn't work, we'd just make new mistakes. In a more perfect world, I'd like it to be today, and start self care fresh from this moment. Would that I could

    1. Sometimes I wish for a fresh start, but you are right, I would just make the same mistakes or maybe even more unwise one. Being stuck in a routine makes it a challenge to make new choices. Some days it is just easier to stay in bed.

  2. Great artwork. Makes me feel like every wrinkle on his face has a wisdom tale behind it.