Sunday, May 28, 2017


Out of balance.

This is me today, out of balance.  I spent most of the night awake.  Not rested there is no way I can keep an even keel today.  Actually when I shuffled and cut the cards the deck evidently was inverted so Justice Reversed made an appearance.   This gal is pretty stiff otherwise her garments would be hanging loosely over her head.  No matter that she is topsy-turvy she still holds her balance and sword at the ready.
The books give me that with Justice reversed I may encounter an unfair situation today, to be warned and be careful or maybe my unwillingness to look at myself or the way I handled myself in some unfair situation.  Since it is Sunday and I don't really have anything on my schedule and it's a holiday weekend and I didn't get much sleep maybe it's best I just stay home.

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. Good that you have a few days off to get yourself sorted. I think we all have those out-of-balance days (or weeks).

  2. I never read reversals. I don't like to look at pictures which are upside down but sometimes one appears and then I do take notice. I agree with Bev: It is definitely time for you do right by yourself and try to relax a bit. The next card of the Majors is The Hanged man which is a perfect card for you the coming days!
    Take care!