Saturday, May 20, 2017


Today The Hermit seems all wrong to me.  Example and Guide.  Darkness and Mystery.

As I am trying to reconnect with the cards and the story they tell I referred to several Tarot books I have in my collection. Blah blah blah.
I don't think he is holding his light to show the way.  I think he has caged his 'light'  defeated or exhausted with the tussle in Strength and he has retreated to recoup.  He seems to be backtracking to figure out where it went awry.  He could have beat the beast with his magic wand or at released some of its magic to calm his or it's fears.
In some meditations or regressions I am told that we can go back into a memory and change its outcome to come to peace or grips or understanding of such a moment of crisis or despair.   Working on that.
Tomorrow The Hermit may appears as a wise teacher or Merlin back to play his tricks, today he looks like he needs to take a respite from it all.

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. Sometimes I look back as a spiritual self inventory, to see where I've made progress and what needs more work.

  2. A powerful post this is. really vivid full colour critical writing which contrasts with the grey in the card...

    1. It is amazing to me that the images can relay different meanings on different days and then other days nothing at all.

    2. I alwasy see The Hermit as a very postive Card but yes He does have some weaker aspect too.