Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This fairy must be the daughter or niece of the fairy in Breathe yesterday.  Breathe reminded me of a meditation practice, this fairy is amid some swirling stormy cloud cover.  She clearly has something on her mind. 

Maybe she has spent too long with her head in clouds since there are stars around her and she has become disillusioned with something?  Maybe I am over-thinking the Thinker.
Getting stuck in loop of thoughts can make the situation disproportionate.
To heck with it, today is a sunny day soon to be followed by four days of rain, I am just going to spend the day in the Sun and let it burn off the cloud cover in my mind. 

WISDOM of the ORACLE -  Collette Baron-Reid


  1. "Getting stuck in loop of thoughts can make the situation disproportionate." - Amen. Enjoy your time in the sun. As Pema Chodron says, 'We're the sky, everything else is just the weather.'

    1. If I am the sky I think I might zap a couple of people with a thunderbolt from all those clouds. It is Derby Week and no one wants to work. Almost impossible to get anything done.