Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Winter's goodbye


You sure wouldn't know it if you looked outside my windows.  Seven inches of snow yesterday and still some coming down this morning.  It started about 5pm and as I looked out the windows I saw the Robins hopping around trying to figure out what to do. One inch came down pretty quick and the trees were covered by 6pm.  The Robins arrived several weeks ago returning from their Winter retreats and now this.  Best thing to do today is Shelter-In-Place.  Stay warm and safe, just like these eggs in their nest.

I noticed that I started Sunday with this deck with an ace and each subsequent day 2-3-4.  I wonder if the cards are hinting at something?

Gaian Tarot 

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  1. The dogwoods and azaleas have been in bloom here for a few weeks, but tonight we'll drop down close to freezing again. I guess winter has it's own Mardis Gras before it leaves the stage. :D