Monday, March 5, 2018

In and Out

Persephone and Demeter

I wonder if Persephone had stayed in the Underworld; would her love eventually have changed Hades and his frightening image transformed to a softer image, a personage of man who loved?   Lots of women fall in love with the bad boy; maybe Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds so she would have to stay with the man she loved.  A true Beauty and Beast story.  But no, Mother Demeter wanted what she wanted, and blackmailed Zeus into getting her daughter''s return.
Spring is in the air.  The Earth turns and the grass begins to green.  The trees are soon to bud and new life begins. The cycles of Life and Death are one of the true constants. Beginnings and endings.

The Celestial Tarot


  1. Oprah once asked her audience their wish lists of perfect partner. After 5 or 6 had she said "what if I produce that person...but they were crippled? Scarred? Short?"
    Everyone has so much to offer and we gloss right over them.

  2. Glad I am that spring is peeking out from winter's mantle.