Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thunder Drum

Stand up and be counted

I am not a drummer.  I can listen to some drumming for awhile and then I become restless with it.  Denise Linn suggests that we thump our chest in a two-time beat, similar to our heart beat to activate our own grounding and to gather strength.  I went over to UTube and listened to several samples of drumming and nothing enchanted me.  My energy is out of whack and my body has gone crooked, similar to my tornado trauma.  So this evening after work I will search a few more UTube videos and see if I can find one that connects and maybe that drumming will help me stabilize my energy flow.  Maybe that and howl like the coyote yesterday will get me back to standing straight.

Native Spirit Oracle - Denise Linn


  1. beautiful image. I have two drums, bodhrans. When I was so depressed I started taking a aluminum bowl and wooden spoon out on the steps and just pound and whisper. It helped so I got the real drums. I used them a lot. I haven't even thought about them lately, I'm sure because I'm so much better.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes think maybe I should get a drum and work with it as a healing modality

  2. Perhaps something less traditional, like James Asher: