Monday, March 12, 2018

Wanna puff?

Slow down and take a deep breath, have a puff.

I am a reformed smoker.  I loved smoking, everything about smoking.  From the moment you tapped the pack to eject a cigarette, the motion of bringing it to my lips, the strike of a match or the click of a lighter, the deep inhalation of the first hit of smoke and nicotine. Everything slowed down for a moment and then I would watch the curl of the blue smoke from the cigarette and the releasing puff from my lungs. I gave up the habit because the prices just kept going up.  It's been many years and I no longer miss them, but every so often, not all the time, when I pass through a cloud of cigarette smoke, I am not offended, I am reminded.
The Peace Pipe was smoked and passed for just the same thing; to stop, take a moment of contemplation. 

NATIVE SPIRIT Oracle Cards - Denise Linn


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a Native American chain-smoker. I quit and hope I never pick up that habit again.

    1. I used to say I would buy a couple of packs and smoke them when I heard a asteroid was on the way to smack and destroy Earth, but no more, I don't want to do that to me again.

  2. raises hand. I quit in my 40's, I was way to old and well dressed to sit out on the curb and smoke. And I quit smoking in my home and car some years before that. And I still managed to smoke 2.5 packs a day. I could barely manage to drive without a cigarette.